In the unique world of fashion and elegance, our brand stands out for its singular style, embodied by our bold logo, a mouth with pronounced lips evoking the "M" in the word "Muse". More than a brand, we are an invitation to inspiration, creativity and self-confidence.

With us, every piece of jewellery and every leather goods creation is designed to capture the essence of every woman's inner muse. Our mission is to make every woman a muse, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, elegance and charm. Each of our products embodies this vision, combining contemporary style and timelessness to allow you to shine on any occasion.

Join our world of creativity, boldness and elegance. Wear our jewellery and leather goods and become the muse you've always wanted to be.



Every creation is a story of inspiration, dedication and French savoir-faire. From conception to completion, I design and create all my jewellery and leather goods collections.

When it comes to leather goods, I put my trust in the expert hands of a small French craftsman. Each leather piece is made with meticulous care, embodying the very essence of French craftsmanship.

For my jewellery, I offer two distinct ranges. The high-fantasy range starts with a drawing, then comes to life through moulds and models, creating unique pieces of jewellery. These pieces are crafted by a Faconnier who masters the traditional techniques of jewellery making. On the other hand, the other range is lovingly hand-assembled in my own Paris workshop, ensuring unrivalled quality and authenticity.

Each piece of jewellery and each bag tells a story of art, passion and dedication to French craftsmanship.


When I create my jewellery, I dive deep into the treasures of art history, seeking inspiration in Renaissance paintings and the wonders of ancient art. For me, each piece I design is a fusion of these eras, rich in creativity and refinement.

The Renaissance has always fascinated me with its passion for beauty and precision. Paintings from this period are full of exquisite detail and vibrant colour. When I contemplate the works of masters such as Leonardo da Vinci or Sandro Botticelli, I am inspired by the way they captured the grace and elegance in every stroke. It's this grace that I try to incorporate into my jewellery, creating pieces that tell visual stories.

Baroque, with its opulence and exuberance, is another era that touches me deeply. The dramatic curves, lush ornamentation and attention to detail in Baroque art inspire me to create jewellery that exudes passion and boldness. Each piece becomes a celebration of extravagance and emotion.

Neoclassicism, on the other hand, attracts me with its return to the simplicity and harmony of Greco-Roman forms. The sculptures and monuments of this period reveal a timeless beauty, and it is this refined aesthetic that I seek in my creations. My neoclassical jewellery evokes the grace of Corinthian columns and the purity of Greek lines, creating a sense of symmetry and timeless elegance.

Finally, ancient Greco-Roman art, with its enduring influence on Western culture, provides me with an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Classical motifs such as acanthus leaves, geometric patterns and mythological representations find their way into my creations, adding a touch of history to each piece of jewellery.

In short, my jewellery reflects my love of art through the ages. Each piece I create is imbued with the essence of the Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism and ancient Greco-Roman art. It's my way of paying tribute to these magnificent eras and allowing those who wear my jewellery to carry with them a piece of artistic history.


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